So, you’re having a baby…

Congrats! Finding out you are pregnant is such a joyful time!

I thought I’d do a post on some of the items/products that I have found helpful and would recommend that you add to your registry or purchase on your own. These are products for mama and baby.

1. Baby Pajamas/Sleepers. I don’t know why I didn’t really think about needing these. I had a few, but they were varying sizes and not enough newborn size. My Mother-in-Law came to visit right after my baby was born and while she was here she went out and bought us more sleepers because we realized I didn’t have enough. She bought me these adorable Cat & Jack sleepers that are pictured below. I love the Cat & Jack ones, as well as the Gerber ones which can also be found at Target. Click here for the Cat & Jack pajamas.


2. Boon GRASS Countertop drying rack. This drying rack looks cool and is very functional. It’s great for drying bottle pieces and all of your breast pump pieces. I bought mine from Babies R Us. I also bought this flower and twig to hang small pieces on.



3. Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym. Or any kind of play mat. These things are seriously the best. You can start using it with your baby after they are a few weeks old and they will use it for months. My little one is 5 months old today, and he still enjoys playing on this mat. I move the different hanging toys around and sometimes add other toys that can be attached. This will keep him entertained so I can make breakfast in the morning!


4. Books! It’s very important to introduce your baby to books right from the start! For babies who are only a few weeks old, you can find high-contrast or black and white books. These will catch their eye as their vision is still developing. There are also lots of soft books that your baby can hold and will probably try to eat. You can read out loud whatever you are reading. Babies love to listen to your voice and it will help them have a bigger vocabulary! I just discovered Usborne books in April through a college friend. I decided to host a Facebook party because I loved the books and ended up getting a great deal on all of the books pictured below! Visit https://www.usbornebooksandmore.com/ to see their awesome variety books for all ages!



5. Arbonne Baby Products. I use and sell Arbonne products. All of Arbonne’s products are vegan, gluten-free and free of harmful toxins. Our baby line is ultra-gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. Eli loves his bath time with Arbonne baby wash, and I absolutely LOVE our diaper cream. It works wonderfully, not only for baby bottoms, but also to treat mosquito bites!

6. Nursing Bras. If you plan on nursing, these are a MUST-HAVE.  I have a Motherhood Maternity store near me where I purchased mine. Here is the link where you can shop online ~> Nursing bras.

7. A Swing! This is a mom’s BEST FRIEND in the first few months of pregnancy. Unless your baby doesn’t like swings, of course. Mine loves his and I have used it many a time to get him to take a nap, before I started sleep training him in his crib! Even if you don’t turn the swing on, it’s a great seat for a baby who is too small to sit up. I can put my son in the swing and give him a toy while I do a chore. The swing pictured below is one that a friend let me borrow because her son outgrew it. Click here for to find the swing pictured below, just in a different style.


That’s all for now. These are just a few things that have made my life easier! Anything that can help a new mom in the first few months home with a baby is such a gift. I hope this list helps you. If you have suggestions for new moms, share them in the comments!




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