Unfriended: How to Avoid Facebook Marketing Blunders //

If you yourself don’t sell something, you know someone who does.

I am not here to bash Network Marketing, because I myself am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. I love this company and use their products daily.

There are many good Direct Marketing companies that have beneficial products and good compensation plans, but there seem to be a lot of people who could use a few tips on how NOT to annoy all of their friends and family on Social Media. It saddens me when I see friends of mine post negative statuses bashing people who decided to start an at-home business. A lot of people I know who joined a Direct Sales/Network Marketing company did so because they wanted a way to make some money for their family while being a stay-at-home-mom. Some people join because they are trying to get out of debt or save for a family vacation. People join for all different reasons- some just to be able to enjoy the products at a discount.

If you are a coach, stylist, or consultant, here are some common sense tips so as not to annoy everyone you love and lose friends on social media.


Don’t SPAM your personal Facebook or Instagram account with sales pitches.

If every single post on your personal page is about your business, you’re going to have some people hit the ‘unfollow’ button, or just be annoyed when they see another post about this product or supplement they need in their lives. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever post about your business, because if it’s something you’re passionate about, you should want to share it with your friends. My advice to you is to start a Business Page on Facebook and then invite your friends to ‘like’ your page. You can even start a group for people you know are interested in being in the know about new products and promotions. These are great ways to share information with people in a place where they expect to see posts about your products.Β 

Don’t ask people to ‘add’ all of their friends to your group without getting permission.

I know this one is tempting, but I have to say it is one of the most annoying. I will log onto my Facebook and get a notification about someone I have never met. I’ll click to see what it is and realize I was added into someone’s group who I’ve never met and without my permission. Most times I will click to leave the group, but then will find that I’ve been added to it again a few days later. This has happened to me multiple times. This may work to reach a bigger audience, but it also is very off-putting to a lot of people.Β 

Don’t mislead or lie to people about the business.

Guys, it’s so easy to see through posts that are exaggerating the truth. Of course you should be positive and a go-getter, but don’t lie to people. You don’t sign up with a company and start making $5,000 a month without doing any work. People like to act like they don’t have to do any work to have success in a Network Marketing company, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. You get what you put into your business. I know people who are really successful in their businesses, but they put the time and effort into it!

Β I personally know people who are so put off by all of these actions that they don’t want anything to do with any Direct Sales businesses, which is sad to me. I love supporting my friend’s business endeavors whenever I am able to.

Follow this simple social media etiquette so that you can be less annoying in your quest to have a successful home business!



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5 thoughts on “Unfriended: How to Avoid Facebook Marketing Blunders //

  1. Love this. Can I say two things that come from a place of love for all my networking business owner friends ? 1. We can all see through the questions on FB designed to pump up interactions so you show up more in our feeds. It feels really inauthentic. 2. For those of you who are believers, I wonder how much Christ’s message might be muddled up in the product message. Maybe I’ll save that for one of my blog posts πŸ˜‰ Love you Vanessa…I feel like you always keep it classy.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Faith! I agree that it’s really easy to see through posts that are targeted at getting a certain response so the person can then follow up with why you need their product. I don’t mind when people recommend products to me when I post asking for something to help with a certain problem I have.

      I just feel like some people I know are so against anything to do with direct sales because of experiences they’ve had with certain sales people. People recommend products they use all the time that they buy from the store or online, so I just wonder what’s wrong with me recommending a product that I use, that I also happen to sell, if I think it works well?

      As to your second point, I kind of understand what you’re saying. Do you mean people who use certain products and rely on them for everything and act like they couldn’t live without their product?

      Thanks, Faith! ❀️

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      1. For 1. I think it’s tricky because a. Of course anyone can post/recommend whatever they want…but b. it’s equally ok for other people to have their own opinion about what someone else is posting. It’s a relational thing and people really have to understand relationships and other people if they are going to be successful in a relationship based marketing plan which…c. is your whole point, I think.

        As for 2. No…i mean, yes…that too…but maybe I’ll just have to write that post, lol.

        Thank you, Vanessa, for posting this because I get spammed all the time and I definitely do not buy product because I was spammed!


      2. Yeah, you’re going to have to write a blog about it because I’m not quite sure I understand!!

        And yes, my point in writing this is because these are common complaints I see and hear from friends. I think if someone asks for a recommendation for something, then they shouldn’t get upset when someone suggests something that happens to be a product from a MLM company is what I meant in the last comment. πŸ™‚

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