Thoughts about pregnancy (with my rainbow baby!)

This is my second pregnancy, but my first one ended in a miscarriage very early. I am now in my 17th week of pregnancy. Going through a miscarriage was heartbreaking. It was physically painful, as well as emotionally. When you find out you are pregnant, you start imagining what your baby will be like and fill your mind with ideas about the future. It’s hard to have those dreams taken away. But I believe that we can learn from every experience we have, and we can use those experiences to relate to others and help them through their own difficult journeys. You don’t realize just how common miscarriages are until you start talking to other mothers about it. I also have a strong faith in Jesus, and believe that he carries us through every painful situation we experience and can bring goodness out of our dark times.

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
you have loosed my sackcloth
and clothed me with gladness,
that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever!

~Psalm 30:11-12


17 weeks bump selfie


Anyhow, I am so thankful that my second pregnancy is going well and that it didn’t take long for me to become pregnant again. I know that some people try for years, so I am very grateful that I was able to conceive again so quickly.I spent my first few weeks of pregnancy overthinking everything I did. I didn’t want to stress, but I think it was only natural that I would want to do everything I could to protect this tiny life forming inside me! I pretty much googled every single question I had, or texted friends of mine who had kids.

Anyhow, I wanted to share a few things I have learned since becoming pregnant!

  1. Morning sickness (aka all-day-sickness) sucks!Seriously, it sucks. I am so jealous of people that hardly have any. I had SOOO many food aversions and just smelling something bad could send me running to the toilet. I was mostly sick in the morning when I woke up and then again in the evening. I was even sick multiples times in the A.M.The worst thing was that after eating breakfast I would throw up and then need to prepare myself a second breakfast. I also never knew what to eat because nothing sounded good, so I had to think about my next meal hours in advance. I am SO glad to be out of this phase, even though I still get sick occasionally.
  2. It’s not worth it to worry about every little thing!Obviously you want to be smart and go with your gut when you are unsure if something is good for your baby.One of the biggest things I worried about was the food I was eating. I asked google so many  questions about what fruits and food were safe to eat. My doctor gave me a paper with foods to avoid and foods to be careful about. There are a few definite no-no’s such as sushi, seafood high in mercury and alcohol. I feel like there are so many things that *may* contain listeria though, and you really can’t stress over everything. I just avoid pre-made potato salads and when I get a deli sandwich I have them heat up the meat.
  3. Yoga and/or stretching work outs help with back pain.You guys, it’s amazing the relief I feel after doing a 20-30 minute yoga workout. I am no yoga pro, but I have been doing yoga workouts from Youtube for a while. I love Yoga with Adrienne, but since being pregnant I’ve looked specifically for prenatal yoga videos. I really like Kate Appleton’s yoga workouts. Click here for Episode 1. The first episode is pretty easy, I really like Episode 2!
  4. Hydration is vital!
    It’s important to stay hydrated and cool, especially during the summer. This is my biggest struggle, living in Southwest Florida and working outdoors a lot. I don’t drink enough water most days, and have to make sure I am staying hydrated especially when I am sweating constantly. During my first trimester I really never wanted water, so I put lemon or lime slices in my water, or part of an Arbonne fizz stick to add a little flavor.

These are just a few of my thoughts! Any other pregnant mamas out there? Say hello below!






One thought on “Thoughts about pregnancy (with my rainbow baby!)

  1. Oh Vanessa I love how you write! I feel like we are sitting with one another chatting! I too had a miscarriage early in my first pregnancy and completely relate to the mix of emotions you described. Riley Hope was the name we picked out for our first baby. She will forever be in our heart (although we didn’t know yet I just knew she was going to be a girl).

    All day sickness stinks! With Gracie I was very sick ALL DAY LONG into my 3rd trimester!

    I am so happy for you and for the little blessing you are working hard to grow!

    Keep up the blog it’s fantastic so far!


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